Marsha Cunningham

I am a retired teacher of grades Pre-k-3rd. I wrote about all of my best methods and put them on line at . During the course of my career I wrote a textbook/parent-teacher manual for beginning readers and writers, called IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS WHOLE PHONICS. It is also a free download at my website, but as it's about 350 pages, it might be cheaper to buy it at Amazon, then it's already bound and has a cover.

I prayed all the way to school everyday, over an hour, and most of the way home. I asked God for help with everything, as I had many problems to solve. All but two years of my experience was in the inner-city, but even in a small private school there were many problems to overcome. After I retired, and having more time to reflect, I decided to begin to write down all of the times that I'd asked God for help and got results very quickly. I did it at first to pass to my daughter and grandson, as something to remember me by, but by the time I got finished I decided to upload my document to Create Space at Amazon, and turn it into a book, PROOF OF GOD IN MY LIFE. It seemed like everyone I talked to was in the midst of some problem that they were having trouble dealing with, so I began to share my experiences with prayer and offered them a copy of my book, encouraging them to pray also, or to keep praying.

In 1991 my husband, a decorated combat vet, began to make wooden animal jigsaw puzzles, which I drew for him. He let me take left over stock to my classroom where I used them to teach concentration to first graders, as well as using them for rewards and incentives. After receiving my instructions for drawing, the students surprised me and started using the puzzles as models to draw from. You can see some of their art work at my site. We ended up taking the puzzles to art shows all around the country.

My husband passed two years ago but a friend started practicing on his saw and has agreed to take over the business. It was my husband's dream to teach the skill to other disabled vets and start an enterprise. His friend is also a vet and will see what he can do to carry that on. You can see our puzzles at


Los Angeles City College and Cal State U Los Angeles

BA in art and Elementary Teaching Credential


Beginning reading and writing, teaching beginning art to children and adults, teaching jigsaw puzzle strategy to all ages. Prayer that gets results

Experience: 27 years of public and private school teaching and sharing with the community all age groups. Opened a pre-school after I retired. My mother raised her family with prayer and kept us well through her Bible study. I had a good Sunday School education which encouraged me to pray without ceasing and ask God for help with everything. What I learned about God and man from the teachings of Christ Jesus, the prophets, disciples, and apostles has been invaluable to me in solving every problem I've applied it to.

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS WHOLE PHONICS: but first there were drawings and paintings.

PROOF OF GOD IN MY LIFE: protection, healing, inspiration


BA in Art minor in Child Development

Past/present Clients:

Smithsonian American Art Museum - made five orders of our wood animal jigsaw puzzles

Millard Sheets Art Gallery at the Fairplex, in Pomona California saw our puzzles and asked to carry them in their gift shop for the past five years.

Ethel Kennedy saw our puzzles at the One of a Kind Show and Sale at the Chicago World Trade Center, raved about them and bought three.

Contact Info

My hotline for helping people with issues with their children's reading and behavior is 909-518-9454. I am also available to help people with ideas for prayer


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